Friday, February 22

Would Saint Patrick Celebrate? (Multiple Updates)

There seems to be a lot of hubbub about Saint Patrick's Day falling during Holy Week. "It's not fair!" whine the people who want parties. "We shouldn't have to stop celebrating just because it's Holy Week!"

Excuse me, people, but aren't you placing your emphasis on the wrong person here? There's Someone who is the focus of Holy Week, and Saint Patrick would be among the first to say it ain't him.

And as far as the dispensations for corned beef when it falls on a Friday (it's always during Lent), that's a total crock, too.

Instead of placating people and allowing them to do stuff that just might offend the Lord, why not take a moment and educate folks on why we don't celebrate saints during Holy Week. (Saint Joseph, patron and protector of the Church, has had his day moved to the 15th this year.) We don't celebrate saints that week because our focus is on CHRIST! Christ Jesus, Who suffered and died a grusome death for us in the first Holy Week. Christ Jesus, Who is Lord of lords. Christ Jesus, the One who pleads for us at the right hand of the Father.

Saint Patrick would be embarrassed by this kind of fuss, people. He'd wonder what on earth we were doing eating meat at ALL during Lent. Or eggs or dairy. Why aren't you fasting throughout Lent? would probably be a question he'd ask. Where is your penance?

I'm Irish, too. My great-grandfather came here from Ireland, so I'm third-generation from him. But this idea that "I'm Irish ... I have to celebrate" is just ridiculous.

Wouldn't it be lovely if the bishops who are giving dispensations for festivities during Holy Week would, instead, take the time to discuss with their flock the meaning of Holy Week and why we aren't supposed to celebrate anyone but Christ that week?

And people wonder why Protestants get confused about our love of saints. Misplaced, this is. It's taking Saint Patrick out of his proper place and elevating him.

[images from EWTN]


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