Thursday, February 7

Horrible Incident

This is by NO MEANS making light of this, or any kind of "I told you so" kind of statement, but this story proves that even at a Catholic school, the outside world gets in far more than we want.

At least at home, my kids won't have to be exposed to anything like this, and I can protect them from the evil in the world a little better. I can shelter them from it.

God help those children, and protect the teacher.


May God have mercy on the soul of the woman's husband, as well.

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Anonymous said...

"I can shelter them from it." I wish that were true, but it isn't.
The world exists. If you believe that you are fooling yourself and your children.

They'll have to go out into it eventually. You need to prepare them and thinking you can shelter them from it concerns me.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

I've heard this line of thought before. "They'll need to go out in the world sometime. Why shelter them? They won't be prepared!"

First of all, I don't lock them away from the entire world. They actually heard about this when we turned on the news today to get more information on Mitt Romney's withdrawal from the presidential race. (We're following the race as a school project, which I'm keeping track of a bit on my other blog.) But they weren't THERE. My kids don't have to worry about school shootings or bullying or teachers sexually abusing them or even teachers thinking they need to be on drugs because they think they're ADHD or something. I can control their school environment and the things they are exposed to.

And this is a very good thing, which brings me to my second point. Why is it good that I shelter them? Because they are small children, still, and they ought to be sheltered. They'll remain sheltered from things until they are able to handle the information. And until my husband and I decide they are ready for something, you're darn tootin' I'll shelter them!

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