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"A Great Addition to an Easter Basket"

“Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales” Comes to DVD Feb. 26!

February 5th, 2008 by Julie Kent in Children, Movie News, Animation, Dvd, Movies

Coming to DVD on February 26th is “Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales” from Lionsgate Family Entertainment. The full-length CGI-animated feature includes all your favorite Bratz characters, including Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade, who get zapped into Fairy Tale Land and star as Rapunzel, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella all together in one big movie!
The Bratz girls in this film are shown in their younger years, as they discover that “happily ever after” is no easy task - unless of course you have the help of your BFF’s there to get through the classic tales.

This is a great DVD for girls of all ages, especially with all of its fabulous extras including three sing-alongs and two fairy tale games. With Easter coming early this year, it could also make a great addition to an Easter basket. [ed: emphasis mine]

Seriously? Child prostitutes in the Easter basket?

And when did Easter become another holiday for buying presents? Did I miss that memo somewhere? I thought that Easter was about (a) Christ rising from the dead, and (b) if you do it, looking for eggs and chocolate bunnies.

I mean, the eggs and bunnies are a stretch as it is. I heard a priest talk about how the egg (as his parents explained it) is a symbol of the stone at the tomb of Christ. And the bunny, forever having offspring, is a symbol of life.

But how can you work in little girls dressed like whores into the Easter story???

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