Friday, February 8

Quick Update on My Friend

I asked for prayers for my friend and her children, and I thought I should post an quick update. Things are still not settled, but her husband did not get what he wanted. Instead, he was admonished for not sticking to the visitation rules (wanting extra time, not bringing the children back on time, being generally difficult, etc.). On the other hand, the judge still has not gotten around to proving the infidelity!! Something about not clouding his judgement on the case. (Pardon me, but the whole REASON for the case is the infidelity!) So we redouble our petitions that he have Solomon's wisdom here, and we continue to pray for my friend and her family. Things remain sticky, he is still out of work, etc.

And, probably most importantly, we are praying for her husband's conversion and repentance. And for the mistress. (Hey, if my friend can pray for her, so can we.)

All in all, there are 12 children being affected by this horrible situation, not to mention all of the friends of those 12 children who also have been affected.

Pray for them all.

Thanks, everyone.

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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