Thursday, February 14

A Love Letter from "That Guy"

You know that commercial out for Valentine's Day that has a man writing his own card - in calligraphy - expressing his undying love for his sweetheart? And the commercial says, "If you're not that guy ..." (insert pitch to spend ungodly amounts of money here).

Soccer Dad and I saw it last night, and I said, "You don't have to be either of those guys. Just get me a card and get Dollar Tree chocolate boxes for your girls."

This morning, my darling husband woke me up as he was leaving and presented me with this:

Someone at his office had Valentine's Day card materials at her desk and offered to let everyone make Valentines for their sweeties, so Soccer Dad took advantage and made three cards. (The girls don't have theirs yet.)

So it turns out that he is that guy! :)

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Awww... your story made my day! (My Valentine's Day was ... let's just say different and let it go at that. But there's always next year, since I know in my heart I married the last great Prince Charming!) Blessings...

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