Tuesday, February 19

Do You Break Lenten Fast? Poll Closed

The question was:

Do you break your Lenten fast on Sundays?

Here are our results:

No! I'm strict about Lent.
10 (47%)

Yes, it makes the sacrifice that much harder the rest of the time.
6 (28%)

You're allowed to do that??
4 (19%)

I don't give up anything for Lent.
0 (0%)

What's Lent?
0 (0%)

Oh, my goodness! Is it already Lent?!?
1 (4%)

Total votes: 21

Wow! I have 21 people who read the blog! Or, someone googled Lent, found the question, and voted in a one-time-only stop here. ;)

And nearly everyone else sticks to the fast on Sundays, too. Neat-o!

I'll think up a new question and post another poll soon.

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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