Monday, June 18

Ye Olde Swimmin' Hole

Hubby has been working on refurbishing our deck. Well, actually only half the deck, because it is immense. It's been a slow process because, unlike HGTV, he does not have "workers" to do the work for him. He's got himself.

But he's close to finished with the deck boards (the railing is next, and we can live with and use the deck without a railing for a short time), and a friend of ours came over to help him re-wire things. Once that was finished, he was able to uncover the pool and hook up the filter and pump.

We are a month late opening the pool. This made me a little nervous because when you are late opening your pool you never know if the chemicals for closing have held out and kept the algae out of the water.

Add to this the fact that I had been hearing not one but TWO frogs under the pool cover. I had visions of thousands of tadpoles swimming about in the green water when the finally got the cover off.

Finally, on Saturday afternoon, we went out to the pool and prepared to uncover it. I was not prepared for what I saw when we did so.

The water is not only devoid of tadpoles, but is completely clear.

We brought a sample to the pool store and were told that all we really need to do is shock it once. The chlorine is almost perfect. The water isn't too soft. The alkalinity is close to perfect and will probably get in line with the shocking.

It was the best opening results we've had in the four openings so far.

The only glitch is that our pool pump motor died, so I have ordered a new one. It should arrive by Friday, and then Hubby can hook it up, vacuum out the pool, and let the kids jump on in.

If the weather holds out, we'll have a great swim season!

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