Tuesday, June 19

What a History! (Update at End)

Gracious, every time I learn something new about the beginnings of the Anglican Church/Church of England/Episcopal Church (aren't they all various sub-sets of the same denomination?), I get more disgusted. People were bullied into that sham, and there were so many martyrs who remained loyal to the Church (you know, the actual Church, not the one started by a bratty, spoiled king).

Check out what Red Neck Woman tells us about Blessed John Davy:

Blessed John Davy († 1537)

By Red Neck Woman

John Davy, a Carthusian choir monk and deacon was one of ten religious of the order's London monastery, the Charterhouse, who on May 18, 1537 refused to join twenty of their fellow Carthusians in taking King Henry VIII's odious anti-papal oath of supremacy. Eleven days later, the ten were brought to a London prison, where they were chained in a standing position with their hands behind their backs, left thus to starve to death. After learning of their fate, Margaret (Gigs) Clement, an adopted daughter of the martyr Saint Thomas More, bribed the jailer to let her enter the prison. Disguised as a milkmaid, she placed bits of meat into the mouths of the starving monks and cleaned their cell. When after some time the king expressed surprise that the prisoners were still alive, the jailer, fearing the king's wrath, refused to allow Margaret to continue her missions of mercy. All but one of the men soon perished from hunger. John Davy died on June 8, 1537. Years later, on her deathbed, Margaret saw in a vision the martyred Carthusians she had fed standing round her, inviting her to come with them to eternal life.

You can read more about Henry XVIII here and here, and more about the Carthusians who were martyred here. New Advent's entry on the Church of England and Anglicanism is found here.
Jackie has been discussing the upcoming Walk of the Martyrs at her blog, Catholic Mom of 10. Sorry that I forgot! I've been reading the posts over as they've been coming, too. Silly me. Do pop over and check out her posts on the topic.

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We are having a Martyrs Walk through London on Saturday remembering the English Martyrs. check it out on my blog!

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