Tuesday, June 19

Salt, Light, and Homeschooling Families

At the First Things blog, Sally Thomas has a great article on homeschooling. In it, the question of whether or not we ought to be trying to be a light for the world applies in the situation of educating our children.

By withdrawing from the larger culture, homeschoolers aid and abet the culture’s failings—or so, at least, the charge goes. Christians have a responsibility to be not “of the world,” but, we are told, they also have a responsibility to be “in the world.” And therefore it’s our duty to send our children to public school. After all, Jesus calls us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, and how can we possibly be those things if we stay at home all day?

According to this logic, we are called not only to witness, via our children, to a diverse population of people but also somehow to salvage public education itself, as if this would right everything that’s out of whack in our society. To decline to do so is, in this view, both personally selfish and culturally destructive.

Go here to read the entire thing.

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