Wednesday, June 13

Bold &*#($@'s!

I just went out and noticed that some of my beautiful lilies are a

The #@%(#*$ deer are coming UP TO THE HOUSE and BEHIND THE WATER POND to eat my hosta and lilies now!!!

I swear that I have not had deer eating my hosta in the three previous summers we've been here.

I think I want to buy a shotgun. Venison, anyone?


T with Honey said...

Venison is very yummy but I believe there may be some gun laws prohibiting you from shooting them so close to your house. Get some bars of soap, like Ivory or the little ones they have in hotel and throw them around the plants or drill a small hole through the soap and hang them up. Don't know why but it keeps the deer away.

Stacey said...

I read in my Woman's Day magazine that you can put eggs, tabasco sauce, garlic powder, and water in a spray bottle, spray it on your plants, and that'll keep the deer away. They hate spicy stuff. Plus, that'll get them all marinated for when you DO shoot 'em.

Who are your heros?


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