Monday, June 11

Big Girl has been asking questions. Growing-up questions.

I am scared. I am praying for guidance. I am getting it.

I was able to field questions about certain (ahem) products that are occasionally in the open in my bathroom.

But more questions will come. And discussions will happen.

And I am not knowledgable on the Theology of the Body. At. All.

Hubby and I have CD's of a Christoper West seminar. I cannot find them at the moment. And at least half of it goes over my head because I have no background with this.

I listened to "Marriage and the Eucharist" (which you can order here) and was blown away by the simple logic of it, but I know I'll need more than that for educating our daughters on the topic.

So, in preparation for The Talks That Must Come, I bought this at the IHM Conference.

May God continue to give me the grace and guidance that I need to bring my children up to be chaste.


Anonymous said...

Well i have 8 daughters if you've got any questions!

Christine said...

Thanks! I'll keep it in mind. :)

Who are your heros?


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