Friday, June 22


I was out at the grocery store alone today, and so I took advantage of the situation and cranked up the Led Zeppelin. First up was "Black Dog" (first Zeppelin song I ever heard, and definitely not for kiddies), and then, on the way back, I listened to "The Immigrant Song." Of course, this song has never been the same since I saw this.


Hubby came home from work and told me that there was lemonade at work today. Some women came by and told his co-woker that the lemonade was better than sex.

Said co-worker bought some for the department, and when Hubby tasted it, he said, "If they think this is better than sex, I don't think they are doing sex right."

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Mrs. V said...

OH OH!! LMBO!!! That is funny!!!

Who are your heros?


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