Tuesday, June 12

Book Pile Meme

I was actually tagged for this a while ago. (Sorry, Roxanne!)

What books am I currently reading?

  1. Witness to Hope (working through this a bit at a time)
  2. The Trumpet of the Swan (to the girls)
  3. Dante's Divine Comedy (very slowly!)
  4. National Review's Classic Bedtime Stories (to the girls)
  5. The Bible (ongoing)

On my list of books to start soon are:

  1. Theology of the Body for Beginners
  2. Introduction to Christianity
  3. Crime and Punishment

What I'll probably read next:

  1. Car and Driver
  2. Online blogs
  3. Catholic Answer magazine
  4. A slew of children's books

If you want to play along, you are only required to reveal the first section (books you are currently reading). Leave a link in the com box if you play along.

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