Monday, June 11

Blogroll Highlight: Kris Franklin

I am almost positive this is the same woman who was on "Now We Are Catholic" on EWTN along with Rosalind Moss. I loved that show! It was one of the things I automatically saved on my DVR until it moved and then was pulled for more recent shows. I can't tell you how much I've learned from that old show.

But now there is a blog called "Middle Aged, Not Muddle-Headed," and Mrs. Franklin has been discussing as of late the strange phenominon of people treating their pets as children. I have to say that it always bothers me a bit to see adults treating their animals as if they are real children and not pets. Mind you, I have had pets to which I was very attached, even cried when they had to be put down, but when you refer to your dog as a son, there is something wrong. She's put her finger on what she believes to be the cause: our contraceptive mentality as a culture. Check out her thought-provoking essays on the topics.

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