Thursday, June 14

Priceless Artwork

When we were in South Dakota, my mother in law received in the mail a catalog from Gump's. In it, we saw these pieces of art:

Now, if you go to the site for Gump's, you will find that each of these shadowbox pieces of artwork can be yours for the bargain price of $350.

Excuse me, I forgot the decimal point on that. Let me say it again properly, so it's easier to understand.

Each of these shadowbox pieces of artwork can be yours for the bargain price of $350.00.

Yes, that was three hundred-fifty dollars. Each.

I was stunned, to say the least. Why, the girls can do something similar for way less money, and it would mean much more to me than something with Christopher Marley's name on it! (Who is Christopher Marley, anyway?)

Yesterday, we were at the Dollar Store, and I picked up two 8x10 frames with matting, a bag of shells, a bag of squiggly glass pieces with colors in them, and a ball of fuzzy yarn. Already at home, I had a low-temp hot glue gun, about half of a roll of ribbon, and construction paper.

With that, we made these:

Two frames with mats: $2
Bag of shells: $1
Bag of colored glass pieces: $1
Ball of yarn: $1

Original artwork by your children: Priceless!

We'll be hanging these up in the girls' room once I'm sure the glue will hold the glass and shells to the paper. (I removed the glass from the frames so things wouldn't bump against it or break it.)

[Sidenote: Big Girl worked with the glass, and Little Girl worked with the seashells. Both did the majority of the glueing for the pictures, though I did the frames and the ribbon for Little Girl's matting.]

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Esther said...

I like your family's artwork better.

Who are your heros?


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