Tuesday, August 21

The Golden Compass Points Children Away From God

There's been more discussion of the upcoming movie The Golden Compass. I cannot stress enough that you need to keep your children away from this movie. ALL of them, teens included. It is Pullman's goal to pull children away from God, and especially away from the Catholic Church.

Jean at Catholic Fire has put up a post with links to other sources, including an older post on Pullman from Against the Grain. The former has quite a lot of information and links.

Thomas, the American Papist, had a post up yesterday with lengthy quotes from the Amazon website's reviews of Pullman's series. He includes a clip of the movie's trailer in the post. It is worth watching. Of course, the "evil Magisterium" stuff should be a big red flag to us all.

Also posted yesterday: Ignatius Insight's Carl Olsen's take on the movie, as well as on Nicole Kidman's apparent ignorance of the anti-Catholicism contained in the three-part series that she has signed up to be in. He's got a plethora of links for you to check out. I must take a snippet from this post, too. This is what he found a Phillip Pullman's site:

Some of the articles and talks I've written are to do with the subject of religion, which I think is a very interesting one. The religious impulse – which includes the sense of awe and mystery we feel when we look at the universe, the urge to find a meaning and a purpose in our lives, our sense of moral kinship with other human beings – is part of being human, and I value it. I'd be a damn fool not to.

But organised religion is quite another thing. The trouble is that all too often in human history, churches and priesthoods have set themselves up to rule people's lives in the name of some invisible god (and they're all invisible, because they don't exist) – and done terrible damage. In the name of their god, they have burned, hanged, tortured, maimed, robbed, violated, and enslaved millions of their fellow-creatures, and done so with the happy conviction that they were doing the will of God, and they would go to Heaven for it.

That is the religion I hate, and I'm happy to be known as its enemy.

From time to time I have a new thought on the subject. When I come up with something worth writing down, I'll put it here.
Hopefully, this helps you realize that Pullman is indeed an enemy of your children - or at least their faith - even if you are only slightly attached to your faith.

Keep an eye open here. And please warn parents about the anti-Christian (and especially anti-Catholic) themes in these books.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is saying how great this film will be! It took me some time to find something truthful AND negative on this! What a shame! mskate8

Anonymous said...

Its a great film!.. its just so true! i use to be catholic until i reached the age of reason!. lets be good in earth with blaming our flaws on an invisible and imaginary friend!. LETS READ AND STOP BELIEVING WITHOUT SENSE!..

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