Monday, August 13

Blogroll Highlight: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

While skipping my Monday Humor posts, I also wound up skipping the blogroll highlight for a few weeks. But today I'm back with one of my favorite blogs.

Sarah not only has a thoughful blog where she ponders faith, family, and the meaning of life, but it is really one of the prettiest blogs ever. And I'll be darned if she didn't go and change the template again! A frequent hostess for the Catholic Carnival, Sarah also manages to see some really beautiful inter-relations between posts and life and faith. Honestly, I read her posts hosting the Carnival and am amazed at how beautifully she puts it together.

If you've never read Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering, go check it out and see if you won't add it to your own blogroll.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

Awww. *blushing* Thanks, Christine. I'm touched by your kind words and recommendation. :)

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