Thursday, August 9

I absolutely should not be blogging right now, but I started this, and couldn't stop until I'd finished. The Catholic Pillow Fight blog has a fantastic evisceration of another blogger's condescending article on the Duggar family, who have recently welcomed their seventeenth child.

I think my favorite line in the entire article was the reaction to the woman's comment of:

Are More Children In The Offing?

Of course.

Jim Bob and Michelle want many more. "As many as God will give us." Or until Michelle's uterus simply implodes from overuse.

As I read that, I thought, "Until her uterus implodes?"

But this was C.P.F.'s answer to that:

LOL!!! So Linda not only is clueless about religion and sociology, she's ignorant about biology. The uterus is designed to grow and expel children. It will no more implode from overuse than the stomach would.

Please, go read the whole thing. It's well worth it.


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