Wednesday, August 29


Okay, all, this is a late request. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good place to eat in New Bern, North Carolina. Nathan and I are going (it feels funny not to call him Hubby now), and I keep forgetting that we are leaving Friday morning. *sigh* It's just the two of us, and we are planning on eating local on Friday night and all day Saturday.

I know we'll probably eat at The Flame (a steakhouse) on Saturday night, just for something nice, but we want to try out other places in the area. We're not heading to the lighthouses or anything - just wandering the town alone.

Anyone been there who has a suggestion? Or a warning?

The kicker here is that I'd need an answer in the next 24 hours (about 6 on Thursday).

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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