Wednesday, August 22

More on the Deck

I know I have got to be boring some people with this, but you just can't imagine how excited I am about the beautiful deck my husband has created for us. (I know it's mostly a refurbishing, but he did extend the deck and create new space for the lower area, which makes it much more usable than it was.)

I just found this picture from early last summer, when the upper deck was in its old condition. You can see where the steps, etc. were that Hubby tore out. Not long after this, I believe, the hose coming from under the skimmer (at the end of the pool, near the first step, and under the deck) burst. You can also see where the pool pump used to be, before Hubby moved it onto the new section of the deck he created that is level with the lower portion of the deck.

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