Monday, August 13

I Love My Mailman Today

Some days I wish he wouldn't even come to my house. I mean, who wants junk mail and bills? But today was a banner day for the mail at our house! First (at least to the kids) was that our Netflix movies arrived. Also in the mail was my T-shirt I ordered from Aquinas and More (who is having a 15% off sale on in-stock items), which I have wanted for, oh...only about seven or eight years now. Next thing I noticed was the refund check for the Carvel ice cream cake Little Girl had at her birthday party in Florida.

And then I saw the mother lode.

Back in May, our family went on vacation and the suitcase holding the clothes Hubby and I had (all of them) was lost. All we had were the clothes on our backs and our shoes. Not exactly what you wanted to wear to a reunion, no matter how informal it might be. (Most of the time, people prefer that we put clothes on. Or at least clean clothes.) We didn't have our suitcase until Sunday morning, but since Hubby and I were at that time in a different state than our suitcase (again), it did us no good until we arrived back at his mother's house on Monday night. And then it was only good that day because it had jammies. Which we had already replaced. (We were trepidatious about sleeping in the raw at his mother's house.) So, really, it wasn't until TUESDAY, the day before we left for home, that we could wear the clothes we'd packed for our week-long vacation. And then we had to re-pack two suitcases at the check-in counter because we were suddenly ten pounds over the limit on our large suitcase. Which we wouldn't have been if our luggage had just arrived with us in the first place.

Imagine my delight to discover a letter from the airline in today's mail!

Dear Ms. Soccer Mom,

I was sorry to learn that your luggage failed to arrive with you on your recent trip and that it was necessary to make emergency purchases until your property was returned. I realize it was a trying experience and regret that it happened.

It is of serious concern to us when luggage does not arrive with our passengers as we place continuing emphasis on this aspect of our service. We do try to render the finest air transportation available but despite our best efforts, some irregularities can and do occur. Therefore, in approximately ten to fifteen business days our check will be issued in the amount of $229.90 as reimbursement for your interim expenses.

I sincerely regret that your trip was marred by this unfortunate incident and hope that we may have future opportunities to serve you in the manner you deserve.

Tim Cooper
Customer Relations Specialist

Hooray for Atlantic Southeast Airlines! I knew they'd come through, but I'm happy I didn't have to badger them into it. (I tell you, with the amount we'd spent, I would have bugged the heck out of them until they gave in if I had to.)

Hopefully, they have a bit of appreciation that we shopped at Wal Mart and JCPenney, even as we were sure they'd pay for the clothes we had to get to hold us over while they searched high and low for the suitcase. We even searched the sale racks first! :)

Anyway...I'm such a happy girl about this. Happy, happy, happy.


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