Thursday, August 9

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My girls love to hear stories of the saints. When Hubby was asked at work who the girls look up to - Hannah Montana, perhaps? - he thought for a moment and said, "Well, I think they mostly look up to the saints that they are learning about in school."

They will probably really love to see these programs, which is why I will be recording them when they air.

ST. CLARE OF ASSISI A look at the life of St. Clare of Assisi (foundress of the Poor Clares), captivated by the burning words of St. Francis, she forsook her noble heritage and embraced a life of poverty out of love for Christ and Him Crucified.
Aug 11 8:00 PM
Aug 12, 2:00 AM
Aug 16 1:00 PM

FRANCIS AND CLARE OF ASSISIA documentary look at the lives of St. Francis and Clare of Assisi, and how their love of Christ Crucified inspired many to reject the crass materialism and violence of the age.
Aug 11, 2:30 PM

More details on special programming on EWTN this month can be found at their website.


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