Monday, January 19

Who's Going?

Our ENTIRE FAMILY is going to Washington, DC, this week. It will be Little Girl's and Travel Man's first March for Life, and we'll be snapping pictures left, right, and center all afternoon.

I'm grateful because we have good friends in the area that we are visiting for two nights, and because Big Girl's best friend is their oldest child. Best Friend Girl is also getting to go along. (Her Catholic school gives an excused absence to any child who attends the March.)

So, I'm squeezing in as many working hours as I can this shortened week in addition to homeschooling. So blogging might be a bit light. But we'll have pictures galore over the weekend!

Also this weekend: Little Girl has a First Communion workshop and we'll get to sign her up for a date. I'm really hoping we can work in the 9:00 Mass on Pentecost Sunday. That way, family can come for her dance recital, too, which is the night before.

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