Friday, January 16

Prayers and Deals

Circuit City is going out of business.  They will begin liquidating their stores this week.  (I've heard their liquidation starts tomorrow, but when a friend's husband called to ask, the woman said flatly, "I don't know when it starts.  And I just lost my job.")

If you are taking advantage of their liquidation, please also remember to keep those who work there (and for their call centers) in your prayers.  Even just last week, the company I contract through was looking for people to man Circuit City's call center hours, so there are more than just the store clerks and corporate muckity-mucks who are losing their jobs.  Lots of unseen people will, too.  They count about 35,000 lost jobs, but a lot of those call center people might not even count in that number.  They are, actually, contracted independent businesses.  And for some, that is a main source of income.

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