Saturday, January 3

Biggest. Crock. Ever.

If there is one thing I hate more than anything else about living in Virginia, it is the "Personal Property Tax" that we must pay on things the state deems to be too valuable to let us keep free and clear after purchase.  

For example, I pay a personal property tax on my car.  When we had the pop up camper, I had to pay personal property taxes on it, too.  This is after already paying sales tax and fees for the plates and registration on these items.  So it's not good enough that they collect taxes at the time of purchase, I have to pay taxes on these things every year!

Last year, I started a business to help our debt snowball.  For this, I had to pay incorporation fees, licencing fees (which happen every dang year), and business taxes.  And now, I find that I have to claim the items I purchased to run the business with and pay property taxes on those things, too.  As in, "Hey, you bought a new monitor for that computer you bought.  Write down how much you paid (shipping, handling, and taxes included) so we can assess MORE taxes on that stuff.  And don't forget that if you bought a chair, we want you to pay more taxes on that, too.  Don't forget the printer and keyboard you got."

So in addition to paying my income taxes and business taxes and all the social security taxes (half of which your employer, if you have one, pays for you - I pay that part, too), I now get to pay the beautiful state of Virginia MORE money on my business equipment.  

What a total crock.  I'd use stronger language, but the kids are here, and I'm trying to cut down on the profanity that passes my lips these days.

Travel Man keeps saying one thing to me as I rant:

"Fair Tax, honey.  Fair Tax."

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