Wednesday, January 7


This punny joke would be right up Julie's alley.

There is a school bus that has its route down Sesame Street.

At the first stop, a really fat Irish boy gets on the bus.  His name is Paddy O'Malley.

At the second stop, a somewhat large girl gets on the bus.  Her name is Patricia. These two children are quite large, but on Sesame Street the children are kind and do not make fun of them.

At the third stop, a boy named Russell gets on the bus. He has a mental disability, but he also receives respect. The other children simply say that Russ is simple.

At the last stop, a really gross kid named Lester Sleaze gets on the bus. You know he is gross because he hangs out with Oscar the Grouch. He does gross things on the bus too like taking off his shoes and picking at his bunions.

What this all amounts to is: two obese Paddies, special Russ, Lester Sleaze picking bunions on the Sesame Street run.

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Julie D. said...

You're right! :-D

Who are your heros?


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