Wednesday, January 14

Boom, Baby!

I can't even remember what we were talking about, but Little Girl was saying something about my awesome cooking powers* and finished it off with, "And then...boom!  It's done."  Or something to that effect.  Travel Man and I had the exact same reaction at the exact same time.

"Did you just say boom?"

Big, gappy grin.  "Yeah.  Boom."

*My awesome cooking powers last night, and the girls said it is the best thing I've ever made for them, consisted of two boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese, one pound of ground beef, and some Italian-style diced tomatoes with a touch of fat-free, mild, shredded cheddar cheese.  This, Big Girl has determined, is the best thing I cook.  Ever.  When I asked, "Ever?  Really?!?" she answered, "Well, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners...."  She knows what meals take effort and which don't.  But she likes the low-effort ones best.

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