Sunday, January 25

Twenty Thousand Times Ten (At Least)?

"Tens of thousands" is how one news outlet put it.  It was HUGE.  I suppose they aren't exactly wrong about the tens of thousands, but it's really not very accurate.  It's like saying that there were at least 200,000 people at the inauguration.  Not wrong, but not exactly truthful. had this to say:

Contrary to Mainstream Media, Hundreds of Thousands at Giant Washington March For Life

Nellie Gray says larger number this year a reaction to Obama election

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman and Steve Jalsevac

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 23, 2009 ( - Hundreds of thousands of pro-life demonstrators marched through the U.S. capital Thursday, protesting the deaths of almost 50 million unborn children by surgical abortion since the practice was legalized nationwide in 1973.

The March for Life, held on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision that struck down state laws nationwide, attracted large groups from around the nation, including Catholic dioceses and parishes, organizations of priests and laity, and various pro-family and pro-life organizations.  Well over half of the participants were under thirty years old, including a very high percentage of adolescents.

March for Life chief organizer Nellie Gray told LifeSiteNews the crowd definitely appeared larger than normal this year. She said there were "definitely over 200,000" participants and noted that one television station reported that there were 300,000 participants in the march. Gray also said the march normally takes about one and a half hours to pass one point, but this year it took over two and a half hours, indicating a large increase in numbers. [emphasis mine -ed.]

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