Monday, January 19

Fascinating Book

I'm reading a book called Shattered Dreams, an autobiography of a woman who grew up as a Fundamentalist Mormon and was the second of ten wives to her Fundamentalist husband.

I have to say that the whole Mormon/LDS doctrine is just very strange. And I feel horrible for this poor woman - she was just so brainwashed about "The Principal" that she just succumbed to it - even against her better judgement. (A brief history of Mormonism can also be read here.)

It's the kind of book that just sucks you in when you start it. Engrossing!


HEATHER said...

I think I saw the author on some news program talking about that whole mess in TX, because I remember that title. Sounds very interesting.
One thing I have noticed about Morman's is that they seem so cheerful and childlike in their acceptance of what "the prophet" said or tells them to do.

Barb, sfo said...

Sounds a lot like the book "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop that I just finished reading. It was tragic what happened to the women and children in that community.

Who are your heros?


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