Monday, January 12

Hello...This is Your Guardian Angel Calling!

Saturday night, I had a thought: 

Maybe I should get the envelopes ready for the collection tonight.

Nah...I'll just write them in the car tomorrow morning.

So, on the way to Mass, I pulled out my checkbook and the collection envelopes.  I discovered that I was out of checks.  And it was too late to do anything about it.  I looked in my purse and tried to find what we'd normally put in the collection in the grocery budget envelope.  I had a $100 bill.  That's a tad more than what we budgeted in for church this month.  (Why didn't I ask the guy at the bank to give me smaller denominations?)  So when the basket was passed during the offeratory, the girls put in their envelopes, and I sat there like the dummy I am and smiled meekly at the usher.  Uh, yeah, my kids have money and I don't.  hee hee.  Sorry.

Lesson: When your guardian angel tells you to do something, you should do it.

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EbethW said...

That is way too funny.....and has happened to us quite frequently!!

How are you Christine!!


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