Tuesday, January 27

Are Migraines a Blessing?

This is a post I'd probably like to revisit.  Right now, I can't do it much justice, but maybe we can converse a bit about your ideas on this topic.

Are my occasional migraines a blessing to me?

I waited too long to eat this morning, then sat at the computer too long.  So, I've got a touch of a migraine.  Or something.  I took some Excedrine for it, but it's lingering a bit.

However, I've discovered that when I get a headache like this, I feel kind of ... slow.  And I sort of feel more vulnerable, a bit closer to God.  I also wind up feeling a great desire to just BE with my family.  Not doing anything in particular, just BEING.

Now, I'm off in a few minutes to fill in for Travel Man at basketball practice this afternoon, so I'll be with the girls during that time, and then I think we'll just have a quiet dinner and some snuggles before they head to bed.  But I'm wondering what it is that typically gets me in this mood whenever I start getting a bad headache.  Is it God telling me to slow down (and forcing my hand a bit)?  Or am I just more aware?

Do you ever get to feel this way when you're under the weather?

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