Sunday, January 4

Funny Story

For some reason, I thought I'd check to be sure I was on track with the budget.  Since this two-week cycle started on December 26, I hadn't actually gone to the bank and taken out the grocery money.  I was kind of winging it (being careful).

When I looked, I had a flashback.  WHY WASN'T THERE MONEY IN THE BANK???

I mean, holy COW!  I wasn't THAT careless with the food budget!  That case of Sam Adams wasn't THAT big a difference!

I looked at the transactions for December.  And I noticed that I accidentally paid the mortgage twice.  


The funny part is this: we STILL weren't in bad shape.  I just moved over my money from the business account a little early, and voila!  No problem.


(And thank you to Travel Man's co-worker, for giving us the book!)

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