Tuesday, January 20

Good-Bye, Mr. President, and Thank You

I know some people who really dislike President Bush. I certainly don't agree with everything he's done, but he's been a good president, and I see him as someone who is pretty principled. His ratings are in the toilet, yet he continues to do what he thinks is the right thing. Some people say he's not pro-life enough, that he ought to actually be AT the March for Life. Personally, I cannot imagine the security measures that would need to be taken for him to mingle amongst 150,000-plus people. But he's given us a message every single year he's been president. Think we'll be getting any of that for four to eight years? Trust me, you'll look back and see him as much more pro-life than you give him credit for today.

In the meantime, if I could talk to him, I'd say thank you. Thanks for all of the things you've done for the country, and may God bless and keep you now and the rest of your life. I'll miss hearing from you on Thursday.

Take care, Mr. President.

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catholicandgop said...

I have a hard time staying mad at him because I know how much he did for the pro-life movement. I know some will say he could have done more. Well, honestly, we all could do more.

Who are your heros?


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