Tuesday, April 1

More Stump Speeches

The 2008 Catholic Cannonball Blogger Awards has begun.

I'm such a sorry excuse for a Catholic blog that I had to ask for a nomination. I am further a great example of a sorry excuse for a Catholic blog because I had no votes for my blog until I voted for myself. Ditto for the "Underappreciated" category. I think this shows that I am, indeed, the sorriest excuse for a Catholic blog, as well as quite underappreciated. Besides, some of those other blogs were nominated for the big Catholic Blog Awards just last month! I hardly think that they are as sorry an excuse or as underappreciated as I am.

Please go and vote for me. All voting is on the sidebar of the blog over at Crescat's place.

(Then again, if I get a win in that "underappreciated" category, doesn't that automatically make me not eligible for it? Hmmmm...)

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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