Thursday, December 6

Christian CDs

As I rip our considerable CD collection so it's iPod ready, I'll be offering lots of our CDs for sale on eBay. I just put the first batch up (those I knew I could do without first making sure Soccer Dad won't miss them). Be on the lookout for country, rock, Christian, pop, classical...we have eclectic taste for the most part.

Also, I've got to figure out how to ship LP's. That's right. LP's. I've got a large collection waiting for me to auction them off, but I am not completely sure how I'll ship them. If you're seriously old-school and still have a turntable, watch for those to go up, too. Oh, but I won't be auctioning my autographed copy of Even Worse. I'm not willing to part with that just now.

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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