Wednesday, December 5

Advent in Our Home

Our Advent Wreath is not very fancy, and it's not decorated very much, but I like having these large candles so that I can burn them for most of the day. I put them on the red runner on our kitchen table and was surprised at how nice it looked. (I hadn't been too sure about purple candles with the dark red runner.)

Also on the table are some beautiful flowers that Soccer Dad sent me - for no good reason! I tease him all the time that he buys me flowers, but I pick them out and bring them home when I'm at the store.

But this time, he ordered them himself and surprised me. Aren't they beautiful?

Also, I put together our first Jesse Tree. (I've been linking to the resource for the ornaments in the various Jesse Tree posts.) It's not much - basically a large branch that I used plaster of paris to stand up in a pot - but I think we'll decorate the pot soon. Plus, as we add the ornaments, the tree gets prettier and prettier.

I put the ornaments in envelopes to keep them organized. (Yes, that is color-coding. I have to use those Sharpies for something, right?)

Finally, we rearranged our living room. When we did, we discovered that our side tables are a bit too big for the arrangement, so we switched one of our glass-topped tables with a smaller table that I inherited from my grandparents. The top of the table is a bit worn, so I bought a red quilted placemat at Wal Mart and placed it in the middle of the table to cover it up a bit. The spot of red helps brighten up the room, too. (I am thinking seriously of looking for a rug for the room with some red in it, too.)

This concludes this portion of our tour. Next tour will include Christmas cookies!

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Barb, sfo said...

That reminds me; last year I bought a red charger plate to set the Advent wreath on. But I didn't put it away with the wreath. Wonder where it went?

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