Tuesday, November 13

Which One Are You?

Big Girl and Little Girl are watching Fantasia while they eat their lunch. (Don't worry, it ties in with our Greek Mythology unit that we're doing. Eventually.)

They are playing a game throughout the movie, which is one they play while reading anything with pictures, too. It's the "I'm-that-one-you're-this-one" game.

In Fantasia, during the Nutcracker Suite section, there are little fairies that cause changes of seasons.

Throughout the piece, the girls continually commented on who was which fairy. No arguing. Just "You're that one, Big Girl, and I'm that other one. You're the one that came out first," and "I used to want to be the green one, but now I am that blue one. You are the yellow one."

Then they started again in this piece:

"You are the fish there, Little Girl."

"And you are that one because it keeps getting away from the other big fish."

I love this game of theirs. Any picture they see, they like to assign who is which character in the picture.

"In this picture, Mommy, you are this mouse and Daddy is this biggest mouse, and I am this one and Big Girl is that one."

"Mom, look! In this picture, Daddy is this big bear, and you are the small bunny, and Little Girl is this little bear and I am the tiny mouse."

It's so sweet, and I love that Big Girl still plays, even though she's nine and most girls her age have probably discarded such things. I love that their innocence is still so prevalent. That it's so on-the-surface.

It's one of the big pay-offs for me as a mother.

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