Friday, November 23

Men and Women ARE Different

I got a call from the Soccer Mom today and she made a comment about the temperature. I happened to have a browser window open, so in a matter of seconds I had the correct temperature on the screen.

While we were chatting, I clicked on a link for "Top 10 Fashion Gifts For Women". Soccer Mom always looks good so I decided to test my knowledge of her fashion tastes. I was reading down through the list of "sleek trench coats", "stylish leather gloves", "cozy cashmere sweater", etc. when I came across "Metallic Clutch". My first thought was that clutches in cars already have a high metallic content in the pressure plate and my second thought was why would you buy a metallic clutch as a fashion gift - that would be more of a high performance / hot rod sort of gift. It was only as I was reading the item description that I realized that a clutch is also a purse.

This would also explain how I always wondered why women would wear mufflers in cold weather - the exhaust of a car is certainly hot, but there are surely cleaner and more fashionable ways to stay warm.

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Barb, sfo said...

In my house, the way you can tell men & women are different is to ask them to describe the color of something. The women in the house know what chartreuse, mauve and turqoise are. The men know yellow, purple and brown.

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