Wednesday, November 14

Essays Written in Response to an Incident Last Night

Why Not to Lie (by Little Girl)

Because it's disobeying God, and Mommy, and Daddy. Also the Bibile says not to lie (I think.) because it's bad! I shuold tri not to lie ever again and to be like Mary. telling lies is so bad that it leaves a Mark on our souls. I hate telling lies!


Why Not to Lie (by Big Girl)

You should'nt lie because Jesus said not to fib about anything. Even if we want to. If you do, your parents will probably get angry ... VERY! So, please don't lie. Lying can be harmful, for exaple ... if you lie, it could spread a rumor. A rumor could be true, but true or not, don't spread rumors! A rumor can spread like hot water! It all comes from one tiny little LIE. So a little lie goes a long way. Next time, think of God. You reject God when you sin! So remember, next time, tell your mom about the broken vase. Don't lie because you'll lose grace

(Note from Mom: There was no broken vase. What happened was they told me that they'd cleaned something up and had not done it. Hence the essays. 50 words from Little Girl, 100 words from Big Girl.)

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