Thursday, November 29

Answered Prayers

I saw this post at Kristine Franklin's blog, and I decided to make a board for answered prayers.

Mind you, I'm doing this when it seems that our prayers for my aunt to be cured are being answered with "no," but I know that God answers our prayers with "yes," too. Lots of times.

So I got a small corkboard at Wal Mart, found a piece of red felt that I hadn't used for art, and took some ribbon that was just laying around.

I also made a small sign for the top of the milagro board with the after meals blessing. (Even though it's for after a meal, it's still very nice as an every day prayer of thanks, as well.)

The only thing left to do is find some nice pushpins and start putting things up. First thing I'm putting up is about my friend who helped us when the car broke down* and Soccer Dad was out of town.
(*Oh, and by the way, it was the water pump. The coolant reservoir has an automatic overflow valve for when it has the most antifreeze it's supposed to hold.)

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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KristineFranklin said...

I love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Who are your heros?


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