Tuesday, November 13

Best. Husband. Ever. (Part 2)

Soccer Dad booked a hotel room for the nights surrounding the pope's Mass at the Washington Nationals' Stadium. He can't book his free nights (earned from all the business trips) just yet, which means he had to put the reservation down with a credit card, but he can change the reservations to be free later. His email to me read:


I can't book Reward Nights that far in advance. I should be able to change the reservation as we get closer.

DC hotels use about 2.5 times the points as podunk towns in the Carolinas!!!

This one has a free shuttle to the Van Dorn Metro station.

So basically, he is about to use up ALL of his points with this chain so our family can go to see our Holy Father.

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best. husband. ever. ??

'cuz I do. Really.
I am so happy about this that I could cry.


It's a real, honest-to-goodness dream come true.

If I were any happier, there'd be two of me. Or maybe more. Or I'd just explode. And the girls are just as excited. They were dancing around the house singing, "We're going to see the pope! We're going to see the pope!"


Stacey said...

Now THAT'S exciting. YAaaaayyyyyyy!!!!

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

OK, I am now certifiably jealous.

Have a great time!

Who are your heros?


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