Thursday, November 1

I Swear It Hasn't Happened Before!

Not here, anyway. Last night, I left my front light on and lit the beautiful jack-o-lantern (pictures later) and sat down to watch MythBusters with my family over Mummy Dogs. (Think Pigs in a Blanket done in strips with a little face poking out.) And then, there was a knock at the door!

Trick or Treaters! Two of them!

I opened the door.

"Trick or treat!"

"Um, sorry, we haven't got any candy. We've never gotten trick-or-treaters here before."

This is not a lie. This is the fourth Halloween and the first trick-or-treaters we've had.

"You ought to turn out the light, then."

"Right. I know that rule, but we've never had anyone knock on the door before. Be safe. Sorry."

Soccer Dad said that they were too old to be out, anyway. He hates teens trick-or-treating. I sheepishly admitted to going all the way through high school for it.

"If you are old enough to work, get a job and buy your own candy," he answers.

So now I will either have to (a) buy candy, or (b) keep the light off.

I think, judging by the derth of kids on our street, and the plethora of houses in the neighborhood 1/4 mile behind us, we'll just be the anti-Motel 6.


Bob the Ape said...

We're in the same situation, only in our case the development is right up against us on three sides while we face a main road. Our solution is to get plenty of candy, just in case - but also to make sure it's candy that we like.

Joel said...

We cut off trick-or-treating after twelve, although teenagers have the loophole that they can take smaller siblings out and maybe collect some collateral candy.

Soomeday, I've promised myself that I'm going to hide in the bushes outside, and when the little urchins come to the door, egg them for all they're worth. Do unto others, but do it first. (I'll probably never do it, but it's a savory fantasy.)

Barb, sfo said...

Gee, good thing Big Brother didn't knock on your door! He and his friends went out, wearing costumes and having fun. Some people said they were too big for that. I say, stop making them grow up so fast! Be happy there are teenagers who still like dressing up in a costume and being a little silly. No harm was done. It's way better than having a bunch of teenagers dressed in gang colors and drinking or drugging!

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