Tuesday, September 18

This Week, Mommy Monsters Inc. ...

Next week...me.

Check out the Catholic Carnival at Heidi's place. She has decided to give it a back-to-school theme.

If you look at the sidebar of this blog, you'll see a small widget that has the Catholic Carnival submission site linked. You can learn more about the carnival here, and you can submit an article for the upcoming carnival (next week) here. All Catholic bloggers are invited to participate, and as long as you aren't submitting dissenting stuff or anti-Catholic stuff, I'll be happy to include you in next week's Carnival. Write to Jay (the mastermind behind the Catholic Carnival) here if you have questions or would like to host it one week. (You don't have to make a theme. Past issues of the Carnival can be found by following the links on the sidebar of this blog.)

The next carnival will be here, at Domestic Vocation.

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Stacey said...

Dang, old timey pictures like that freak me out. I don't know why. Maybe it's because all those people are probably dead.

I stayed at a really old B&B once and the guy had a book of daguerreotypes on the dresser. I totally couldn't look at them.

Who are your heros?


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