Thursday, September 13

Amazon Name Meme

Interesting meme at Dom's place today.

Go to Amazon, click on Books, and then advanced search and type your first name in the title field. Choose the most interesting or amusing title.

Okay...I'm going to ignore the first two books that come up (which are, actually, two different printings of the same book, and I'll bet you could guess what it is right away). Let's see what else there is. I am wading through the books, which include anything with an author whose name is Christine. (Great.)

Shall I pick Christine Falls, a book that looks like it's anti-Catholic?

Or the autobiography of Christine (or, as God knows him, George) Jorgenson?

Oh, come on! I really didn't want to have Stephen King!

Ohhhhh, here we go! Kangaroo Christine, book number 135 out of 77, 052 titles!

(Disclosure: I skipped a cookbook with a woman's name in the title because it was just her jam and jelly recipes. And man, does Christine Feehan write a lot!)

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