Tuesday, September 4

Happiness is...the Simple Things

The half-bath in our home lacks storage. It has had a towel rack (full-sized, for some reason) and that was about it. No medicine cabinet, and the only other storage is the small cabinet above the toilet, which I usually stock with toilet paper. Our own bathroom is on the same level, and that is where we've been keeping the pool towels for the last three years. But I've longed for a shelf unit of some kind in this bathroom, and while Soccer Dad and I were in North Carolina, we wandered into Pier One out of curiosity. There, we discovered this shelf, marked down a remarkable 75% because it's in the kids' furniture area. (All kids' stuff was marked down.) The basket was also marked down to a mere $2.50, so we picked that up, too. Now the pool towels have a real home, and the basket holds the all-important sunscreen and bug spray. The after-sun lotion is atop the shelf unit for easy access.

Also on top of the shelf is a pewter vase we received as a wedding present; it is filled with fake lilacs, another wedding present, which I have always displayed in my home. (Lilacs are my favorite bushy flower, second only to daisies, but we could not grow them when we lived in Florida. When I was a girl, my mother had several lilac bushes, as did the family across the street. Often, the boy who lived across the street would bring me lilacs from his mother's bushes. He is the one who gave me the lilacs when we got married.)

I think it's high time that we painted this room, too, so I'll be on the lookout for "oops" paint at Home Depot and Lowe's this Fall. Maybe someone else's mistake is the exact color I want!
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