Tuesday, September 18

Just How Many Tickets am I Allowed to Buy?

The Respect Life Committe at our parish has decided to start a fund to help women in crisis pregnancies, and this year we are having our first raffle. We'll raffle off a nativity set in time for Advent (when most people decorate), and I expect it to be a hit. Our parish bookstore is helping us out by charging us their price for the nativity as well as donating four other pieces to make the set even nicer.

Of course, I think that it was pretty nice to begin with.

I'm excited today because the set was ordered yesterday, it was in stock, and will likely be here by week's end.

I'll be buying tickets for this, too, and I can't say that I'd be sad if I won.

Is it bad, though, if I pray that I win?

How about if I just set it up in my house until someone wins it?

I promise to hand it over to the winner ... really I do!

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