Monday, December 1

Why Would a Woman Subscribe to "The Art of Manliness" Blog?

Because of posts like this one.  

Here at the Art of Manliness, we haven’t been shy about the fact that we’re big proponents of marriage. We certainly don’t advocate that men rush into marriage willy nilly, whether they’re ready or not. That would be seriously unwise. But once your find your true love and you’re sure she’s the one, there’s no reason to delay your nuptials. Why? Marriage offers truly significant benefits that cannot be found outside of it. Here are 6 reasons you should grow up, man-up, and stopping being scared of walking down the aisle:  ...  [emphasis added]

The reasons are wonderful, and they are only the basic, secular-type reasons.  Spiritually, there are even more.  But this is a great place to start.

I just love a real manly blog.  And The Art of Manliness is certainly that! 

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