Thursday, December 11


Portraits.  I love getting annual pictures of the girls, and I always get a new family portrait near Christmas!  However, since leaving Florida, we haven't been able to take advantage of Penny's fantastic prices on portraits.  Sears has higher prices, worse customer service, and longer waits for the pictures to come in.  Oh, yeah, and they aren't as handy with a camera as the lady who took the gorgeous shots of my girls until 2004.  Phooey.

However!  Because we've worked so hard to get our finances under control, it looks like we'll be able to make a nice investment after Christmas: a brand-new digital camera with KICKIN' specs.  The one I want is a Canon with 10x Optical zoom and 9 Megapixel capability.  Reviews from customers look good, and the one online review I found while poking around shows that it has excellent color matching capabilities.  Hooray!

So when we went to Sears to get our portraits done on Tuesday, I did not renew my Super Savers card.  Instead, I'll invest in the camera and a tripod and do portraits myself.  I can take the girls to REAL places and take beautiful shots of Fall foliage or Christmas decorations.  When Little Girl gets ready for First Communion, I can bring her to our parish and take pictures near the Tabernacle or the crucifix.  When it's time for the annual Christmas letter, I'll pull out ye ole tripod and take a few shots of the four of us.  On my time.  And then I'll print them out myself.  Heck, if I want to be spendy, maybe I'll take 'em to Sam's and let them to a more professional job, especially with the 10x13 I'll need for First Communion.

Take THAT, crummy-customer-nonservice Sears!

Hey, did I mention that I'll be able to take some nice artsy-fartsy shots of the world around me?  I love taking pictures of the beautiful Blue Ridge countryside, and this camera will be even better for that!  Just wait for Wordless Wednesdays next year!  


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