Monday, December 22

Special Ornament

Carolina Cannonball asked about ornaments with sentimental value.  I've got one for sure.

When I was somewhere in the neighborhood of five years old, my grandmother made an ornament for me.  It's a little angel, and I've kept it all these years.  Most of the time, if anyone else hung it, I'd freak out.  It's my ornament, dang it!  

I let Travel Man hang it up this year, though, so she'd be nice and high.

I commented last night that I wondered if my grandmother would have known or even guessed that I would have kept that little angel all these years.  She's now more than 30 years old!

I've got a lot of other ornaments on the tree from my childhood, but that one is my favorite.  Nanny made it for me, you see.

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