Wednesday, December 17

Morning Prayer

This morning, as I got up, Travel Man looked out the window and said, "What are those trucks in the neighbor's driveway?"

Across the street, there were lights on two large vehicles.  Pulling the curtains aside revealed that one is a fire truck and one, an ambulance.  We said a prayer for our across-the-street neighbor, but about ten minutes ago, they brought out someone on a stretcher and put him (her?) into the ambulance.  The ambulance has not moved, and Travel Man said that he was pretty sure it was someone covered head-to-toe.

Still no sign of the ambulance going anywhere, and there is also no activity near the fire truck.  

So, say a prayer for whoever that was.  I only met the older couple in that house once, though they were nice enough.  Mostly, they just keep to themselves.  

OH!  As I typed the last sentence, the ambulance turned on its lights and drove away.  Maybe - just maybe - that someone on the stretcher was just bundled very well against the cold morning.  The fire truck also just pulled away.

Dark and quiet out there again.

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